Who We Are

VestA Abadgeran Bimarz Engineering Consultancy Ltd is a pioneering international company active in the field of engineering and architectural development of complex projects. VestA has been able to grow significantly in engineering and implementation of projects in various fields, relying on its specialized knowledge of engineers and consultants, and transfer of new experiences and technologies from all around the world. Creativity, innovation, speed of operation and accuracy in the research projects are the key characteristics of our services. The efforts of engineers and managers of this company have always been satisfactory to the employers in optimizing their studies and providing innovative and problem-solving executive methods in accordance with the requirements of the designs. New and dynamic management, commitment to human values and meritocracy and the indigenization of world-day technologies are among the achievements of VestA.


VestA has started its international activities since 2009, officially registered in Iran to enhance their expertise by involving Talented Iranian engineers to carry out international projects in larger scales. VestA has been proud of cooperation with international organizations and internationally recognized NGOs among which some can be named as UN-HABITAT, World Bank, and Aga Khan Agencies in Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Bangladesh, India, Iran, and Turkey.