Area Of Experties

Sustainable and Smart Cities

Sustainability is not a preference anymore, but a necessity. We offer our various services in terms of development of master plans, strategic plans, policy documents, detailed area plans as well as sectoral plans such as sustainable urban mobility plan (SUMP), transit-oriented development (TOD), regeneration and urban transformation plan (UTP) all of which are based on the sustainability and smart city principles.

Resilient Cities

Due to the effects of climate change and the inappropriate form of settlements expansion, a considerable share of the people resides in the hazard-prone area with minimum capacities to cope with them. We offer our resilience services in terms of development of risk sensitive land use planning, mitigation action design and implementation, development of resilient master plans and etc. We have recently developed an innovative tool to assess the resilience index of the cities by which, proposing the solution would be more efficient.

Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation

In line with Paris Agreement, Sustainable Development Goals, and COP 26, we offer our climate change adaptation and mitigation services in which, the nature-based solution, capacity development, low carbon development, energy efficient design, greenhouse gases reduction in transportation, buildings, industry, agriculture, and energy generation are our main activities. Besides, developing guidelines and manuals for realizing that is our expertise.

Structural Design and Rehabilitation

One of our expertise is engineering services especially in structural design, retrofitting, rehabilitation, and supervision activities. Our main approach in structural assessment is conducting step by step analysis from Rapid Visual Assessment (RVA) to Preliminary Engineering Assessment (PEA), and then to Detailed Engineering Assessment (DEA). In recent years, we move forward the structural rehabilitation efforts to the “green retrofitting” in order to cover the energy efficiency principles.

Hazard, Risk, and Vulnerability Assessment

By using the most recent methods, applications, and tools, one of our areas of expertise is to assess the hazard, risk and vulnerability. To this aim, we conduct different methods such as using field works and conducting borehole tests (CPT, SPT, SCPT) for seismic hazards, using the opportunities for avalanche, rockfall, landslide, subsidence, and etc.  Besides that, we conduct hazard and risk assessment for flood and climatic events as well as multi hazard assessment and micro-zonation.

Awareness Raising

The overall aim of the training is to build the capacity of key persons selected; such as engineers, masons, planners, stakeholders, and community facilitators; to facilitate and support effective and sound construction, urban and rural planning and management, higher strategies, and decision-making. The training also provided a useful opportunity for participants to share relevant experiences and case studies from their own regions.

Financial & Municipal Services

We believe that without ensuring the viability of the development intervention, sustainability won’t be realized. In this regard, we have developed our financial department in the past 10 years to carry out different services such as cost-estimation, feasibility study, private sector capacity assessment, development of investment plans, and municipality financial service. We offer our financial services to the clients in all assignments even it is not mentioned in the ToR.


Supervisory services are provided in compliance with provisions of contract. Our regular presence at the construction site is a guarantee of control over the executed works. Our engineers are monitor dynamic plans and report the investor on the conditions and indicate any eventual problems. They are actively involved in addressing any current problems of technical nature at the site.